A very happy day, because everyone can read my book

I love this day.

You know why?

Today my book, Almost Parisian is on a free promotion on Amazon.

Now, I’m a very serious person and I don’t do jumping with joy, so I just can’t post a gif or a video of me doing that. That’s why I will present you with this young woman who has received a text from her crush to show you how I feel about this.


And this gif of Tom Hiddlestone riding being happy on the streets:


Also, that creepy lady from Hunger Games:


(because I really, really do, now so many people can read it!)

And this kitty, who apparently doesn’t even know what to make out of all this happiness:


So, wanna read a book about an almost Parisian who loves her fancy, comfortable Paris life, until Paris just starts slowly removing the rug from underneath her?

Then by all means, click here. There is a book waiting, and I wrote it. It’s a book for girls, although, guys have read it, and didn’t even realize it was ‘something romantic’ until they read half of it. But I’m not gonna say ‘EVERYONE LIKES IT, READ IT!’

See for yourself. And do tell!


If you want more info on what you’re going to be reading, there’s some here.

You can look inside on Amazon, but you can also read the excerpts here and here.

But you don’t have to read excerpts, friend. You can just go ahead and read the book.


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