ALMOST PARISIAN’s third review and one I am absolutely in love with.

ImageNot because it’s a five-star review (doesn’t hurt, of course) but because what the reviewer wrote showed that she actually did enjoy something I was lucky to be able to create – interesting characters.

My characters’ traits are borrowed from people I know, or have met briefly. Some of the weird situations and conversations in the book, actually did happen. And I’m incredibly thrilled to know people interesting enough to put in a book.

Like seriously, Max exists. He’s two people though, and they pester me endearingly more often than not, the way Max flies around ‘Parisian girl’. Hugo happened. And let’s just not reveal everything.

So here’s what gorgeous Sophie Hedley wrote on her blog,

I started reading [Almost Parisian] not really knowing what to expect but hoping for some fun chick-lit to brighten up my day. It was very witty from the start although it took me a little while to actually know what was going on. But once I got through that stage, I really loved it. 

It possibly isn’t the most unpredictable plot in the world but it was such a fun book. It’s funny, light-hearted and very entertaining. The protagonist finds herself in a crisis, or what is considered a quarter-life crisis – she’s lost her job, found herself with feelings for the wrong person and is left with no sense of direction in her life. In what could be a straightforward book on finding yourself, the main character instead finds herself in some ridiculous situations, a lot self-inflicted, and she was the perfect character to read – humorous, easy to root for and laugh with (at). 

There was a lot to like about this great chick-lit – the humour, the Paris setting, the likeable main character but what I loved the most were the supporting characters. Max, Edith, Cesar, and Hugo are just a few names in this fab cast. They were all really amusing characters and livened up the story a lot. They were all mad too but this just made the book more entertaining. I love reading books where you just wish you knew the characters in real life – the friends and not just the love interest – and this book was ideal for that reason. They were the kind of characters I just knew that if they were real life people, life would never get dull. 

[Almost Parisian] was a quick book which took me a day out in the sun to get through and I couldn’t have thought of many better ways to spend the day. It was light-hearted reading which had me laughing and smiling and cringing at times but it was just the kind of feel-good book I was hoping for. 

I feel so fancy now.


And then she put these five little heartsies, that signify a five-star read.

Thank you, Sophie ❤


Also, you should listen to Sophie, I think – click.

Also, it’s free to borrow if you’re an Amazon Prime member 😉


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