Does it help to be a good-looking writer?

Do you think that good looks helps a writer’s career?

Of course, it’s not one of the professions that demands good looks, especially since almost every famous writer is average-looking. But I read on a publisher’s blog somewhere, where it said: If you’re good-looking, MAKE SURE YOU MENTION that in your query letter.


Image‘So, hi, I’m like, the best writer in the world, and you will love to sign with me, also, here’s the description for the most wonderfully fantastic book in the world, and by the way, I’m hot. Like, you-can-market-me hot. I’m a sex scandal away from soaring sales, really.’


No, this post will not defend average or below-average looking people, I don’t care about that. Success finds people of every size and appearance, as I came to see, all in different categories.

But isn’t the industry weird sometimes? The way I see it, a really good-looking writer will sort of bring attention to him or herself. The media can blow up a story, from where he or she was seen, to what he or she was wearing. And that’s what people read, whether we like or not.

So are we sometimes just a good fashion article, or a fancy photo-shoot away from selling our very intellectual work?

I knew this road will be fun.



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