Oh, the things you hear at the salon!

A huge cliche, an everlasting theme in movies and stories, present around the globe, an oh, so fucking true.

Salon Stories.

(names have been changed, but everything else is hilariously true)


I came to terms with the fact that there is no way in Hell I am capable to do my own pedicure, so I happily took a trip to the salon. It’s a big one, with any salon-y thing you might need, so I took a seat and left my feet in the hands of a professional, right behind the hairdressing chairs and all that jazz.

In comes Charlotte, a lovely woman, a successful interior designer, a mother of two and a wife of one. Now, I’m not the type to share details from my sex life to anyone but my closest friends, and behind closed doors, but there’s something in the atmosphere, the fumes, the colors of a salon that makes women’s tongues untie and they will share anything with you.

I’ve always liked Charlotte, we know each other through a friend and we don’t see each other often, but when we do, we always catch up on the weird things life sometimes serves us. The fun thing about it is, we always had a similar story to share… Until today.

‘Why are you so glowy?’ The hairstylist asked her, as she sat down, which provoked a series of wink-winks, nudge-nudges and saucy conversations, as the salon went alive with women barely able to contain their enthusiasm for girl/sex talk.

Not to bother you with (juicy) details, the conversation came to a halt, when one of the younger manicurists proudly exclaimed that ‘she doesn’t like giving blow jobs and she won’t, no matter what her boyfriend does or says.’

This of course was met by silence, then by ‘ow, come-on‘s and more giggling. Until I heard Charlotte say:

‘I don’t like it either. That doesn’t mean I’m not going to monetize it.

And there’s that silence again.

Did she just tell the whole salon that she was selling sex for money in between client appointments? Is she cheating on her husband? One thing I was certain about was the fact that she did love him. Very much. Then what the hell does monetizing blowjobs mean in Charlotte’s case?

‘Elaborate,’ I finally joined in the conversation.

‘Greg always begs for it,’ she began casually, ‘but I don’t really like doing it, so I just ditch him all the time. Until we came to an agreement.’

‘You’re monetizing the blowjobs for Greg?!’

‘Exactly. Safe, rewarding and monogamous,’ she said, looking at me in the mirror, under the paralyzed hands of Joanie, the hairstylist. Sounds like a slogan.

‘Elaborate, Charlotte!’ I repeated, immediately concocting an evil plan to somehow get this into my WIP. With her consent, of course.

‘I told him, that it will cost him. $100 dollars per session,’ she said. ‘Cheap, I know. But I do love him, so…’ She smiled wickedly.

The general shock soon turned into jokes and teases, and I sat there, smiling at Charlotte in the mirror again, thinking it must be a fun marriage.

But seriously, you need to be a pretty creative person to think of it. Greg was giving money to his wife anyway. She just thought of a fun way to make it earned money.

God, Charlotte.


The Book. (a different story but fun, nevertheless 😉 )



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