I’ve been in love with Primark since I was a kid, seriously. It NEVER failed to impress me. Yes, yes, fascinations are usually with huge designers, possibly French natives and all that jazz. But as the genious Karl Lagerfeld once said, “It’s all about taste. If YOU are cheap, nothing helps”, and so help me, Primark is a treasure island if you know your fashion. And did I tell you that I still wear some of the things I bought in King’s Mall Primark 12 years ago? Some of them are part of my forever collection (pieces of clothing that you will never, ever throw away and are still good to wear and never go out of style), and they look the same like the day I bought them.

But did you see Primark’s new stuff?!

Oh, dear!

Watch this.

Click to go to Primark page.

I just bought new Wellingtons (right after my booties post) and I positively shivered at the thought of combining this with them, leggings and a statement necklace.


Click to go to Primark page.

Yes, I get minor heart attacks when I see a good black handbag that costs as much as a cup of coffee and a cheesecake (£12.00 and just as sweet and soothing). That’s not cheap shopping. That’s smart shopping.

So apart from these, I’m going to go ahead and make a wishlist here…

Black heeled Chelsea boot £15.00
Black heeled Chelsea boot £15.00
Textured notebook £3.00
Textured notebook £3.00
Large black holdall £12.00
Large black holdall £12.00
THIS! Black collared dress £12.00
THIS! Black collared dress £12.00

…and I’m sorry, but if I go any further, this will be a never ending post. But certainly not my last about Primark and other ways to shop smart.




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