Bershka accessories for less than 10 €/£/$

Let’s talk.

Every time we go out, we cannot not spend about 10 euros. Subway/taxi/bus (need to get there), coffee (need to be awake there), snack (oooh, look at that chocolate sprinkle muffin… there), not to mention window shopping (Ooh, I wonder if they have that in my size – Clueless), not to mention ‘I’m hungry’, etc. etc….

We passed 10 euros quite a while ago.

Ten euros we can spend on cute stuff, and I can’t believe I finally found IPHONE PANTIES! ❤

Today, we have a list of *some* of the things we can get in Bershka for less than 10 monees. Here’s what I liked:


The iPhone panties. I mean, I can’t take it, it’s so clever. It’s silly and totally unnecessary, but I love it. Your iPhone is sexy now, you’re welcome.

Mobile phone stickers!

The ones on the link are actually ‘fast food mobile phone stickers’, but there’s a piggy in the picture. Poor piggy.

Hair donut.

You need this. I don’t because I cut my hair and I’m still growing it, but you do, and I can’t wait to say I’ve been using it myself. That will mean my hair is long enough.

Infinity symbol necklace.

Infinity symbol, as in infinite wisdom and right moves in smart shopping. And it’s so subtle and cute.

Love necklace.

Need I explain this? Because love.

Heart and cross bracelet set.

Because wearing shiny things on black never went out of style and didn’t stay in the ’90s. And because Bershka makes things subtle, yet statement.

Ethnic stone five finger ring set.

Need. This is my favorite part of the post. In all honesty, what I don’t like about jewelry like this, bijou that is, is that you see it, fall in love with it and before you can wear it as much as you’d like to, it’s ruined. I’ve bought countless rings and necklaces I’ve fallen in love with, all cheap prices in stores like this, all gorgeous, and unfortunately NOT silver, or stainless steel. Which makes it pretty sad when they go yellow and scratched, but alas, the moment of sheer happiness when you buy it counts.

Buh-bye now, and buy yourself a little thingy from Bershka on the way home. Either that, or just leave your iPhone to go commando, and you don’t want your iPhone to go commando!

Lovings and heartings,




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