Boyfriend Jeans!

Since it’s booties season, and booties go so well with boyfriend jeans, I believe this calls for a boyfriend jeans post. This is probably one of the wisest solutions of the fashion industry, since the look is fantastic, and yet there’s no need for ‘beauty sacrifices’. It’s comfortable, wearable for any occasion with the right accessories, and very, very chic. And kudos to those of us who did it before it was cool 😉

We have some Bershka here:

£22.99 – $37.35
£29.99 – $48.72
£39.99 – $64.97
£29.99 – $48.72

Some H&M:

£29.99 - $48.72
£29.99 – $48.72
£24.99 - $40.60
£24.99 – $40.60


39.99 GBP – 64.97 USD

And the inevitable Tumblr Combinations Of Prettiness:

And my boyfriend jeans!


So yeah, buy boyfriend jeans. Or take the ones from your actual boyfriend and never return. Not because I said so, but because you won’t want to.





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