Oh, My God, It’s National Coffee Day!

Coffee is the best drink in the world, period. Can you have that warm, blissful feeling when sipping orange juice? No. I am kind of scared to say how much coffee I honored myself with during my writing process, but, the truth is, I wouldn’t even have a title if it wasn’t for this perfection.

So today is every coffee lover’s holiday and we should be getting a day off, thank you very much. And for today, I got you a few little somethings.

If you didn’t already see it here, a Pumpkin Spice Latte recipe from this lovely girl:

This gorgeous image of a coffee served for your pleasure (with cinnamon!)

A tip, that if you mix a teaspoon of honey instead of sugar in your coffee, you get a whole new level of magic, plus detox, beautiful skin and on top of that, imagine what replacing sugar with honey will do to your weight 😉

This fantastic chart from The Oatmeal:

Click to go to the chart page, it’s really awesome 😉

Another tip, which you probably know, but even if you do, GO DO IT – massage your skin with coffee grounds. Thank me later.

And this beautiful website, perfect for a coffee fanatic.

So there, just a little something to mark the day 😉





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