Homewear: C&A

Earlier this year, I decided to throw away every ripped, broken or simply ugly piece of clothing I’d been wearing around the house with the excuse that ‘it’s homewear, who cares’, because I realized that THAT is why we feel ugly around the house. I decided to strongly fight for the fact that we should look pretty at home as well, and it doesn’t have to be tight clothes, jewelry and perfect hair, but there’s simply nothing wrong with messy ponytail, leggings, and nice shirt. That way, there’s no chance to be seen looking like a zombie if you have to make a quick trip to the store and stock on macaroni because you got the water boiling, but the drawer was empty (happened).

I had forgotten that C&A exists, I hadn’t shopped there since I was a kid, and my mom had a lot more to say about the way I dressed (that’s totally convenient, since she’s the queen of fashion, don’t worry). Also, Paris didn’t have H&M back then, and if it did, I wasn’t aware of it. It was love at first sight with H&M, but years later, and in London.

And now, C&A has this lovely category on their website, called Homewear. Which only brings us back to my point, that we can look like ‘out of a movie’ at home.

Here’s what I found:

Personal favorite. 12,00 €
Totally cute and I want it. 15,00 €
Classic. 9,00 €
I can totally imagine myself wearing these under a blanket and a Lord of the Rings marathon. 19,00 €
Sleep. 9,00 €
And this very important message. 25,00 €

There’s also C&A in Munich 😉

So do you agree? We have to be pretty at home, right?





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