When you’re a person that has guy friends, it’s pretty natural that at least once in your life, you’ve been a threat to their girlfriends. No, not because you want something more than friendship with them. Not because you’re a possessive slime that’s so rude and childish to think that you own your friend and find ways to show that.

No, it’s simply because, that girlfriend is a little shitty, that’s why. A little more than shitty.

It was funny when we were younger. We were teenagers and we had superficial relationships, where the joke was “I know your girlfriend hates me” and “Yes, I told you so, she will forbid you from seeing me, yes.” And then some breakups and laughter, because bros before hoes (yes, I’m a cool guy with long hair to them).

But when you’re in your late twenties, and you choose your relationships more carefully, it’s not funny anymore. It’s not funny to have your friend of 20 years tell you that his psychotic girlfriend (who he happens to adore) just broke up with him – because of you. Especially if you’ve seen him once in the past month. Especially if you’ve been extra careful not to cause any reason for doubt.


I actually don’t know yet, and I am waiting for more information. I’m not quite sure if I’ve been blamed for homewrecking, or is it simply the fact that I’m bothering her.

I only have four real friends in my life, if you don’t include my boyfriend of 6 years. I only had a sibling when I was in my mid-teens and naturally, these four people were, and remained my other siblings to this day. My family. Two girls, and two beautiful boys, so fun and wonderful, they served as inspiration for one of my favorite characters I’ve created.

That’s 20 years, and I’m 28 years old. And this morning I woke up wanting to fight with this person. To tell her that when she’s with him for a full year, it means that we’ve been friends for TWENTY-ONE years. When she celebrates their five-year anniversary, it will mean 25 years for us. And if she’s lucky to celebrate the 20th anniversary of their marriage, it will mean fucking FORTY years for us.

So, if you come into someone’s life, and start hating one of the people they’ve known their whole life, create drama and chaos, and practically give them an ultimatum, doesn’t that make you the homewrecker? Because to me, home isn’t a place, home is where the heart is, and the heart can only be with people.

So this rant is for shitty girlfriends everywhere. You suck and you should be ashamed of yourselves. Because, even if your guy obeys and leaves his friends for you, you’ll have him all to yourself, but he will be miserable. And if you’re the type of person who would rather have him be miserable and completely yours than happy, then you deserve to have your fears come true.

But not with his friend. Because friends are not lovers. Friends are friends, and you’re the lover, you stupid fuck.





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