Rule number one: A witch never lies.

*Disclaimer: This is just bits and pieces from a ‘Work In Progress’. I’m not a witch. That’s exactly what a witch would say, though. But nah.*

Rule Number One: A witch never lies.

Disney_Bad_Girls_Avery_Style_by_Alias_HugoDisney Bad Girls Avery Style by Alias-Hugo on DeviantArt

No, actually, that’s totally untrue, because witches do lie. Because, if someone asks me, ‘Are you, like, a witch’, I’ll go, ‘Uh, no..?’ When your boyfriend says, ‘Baby, I’m taller than Rory Anvers, right?’ you say ‘Of course you are, mon bebe.


Not that anyone’s asked me if I’m a witch, that hasn’t happened in three hundred years. Witches are so out of style these days.

See, I may have misled you to believe that I’m three-hundred years old there, I’m not, it’s just something my grandmother told me. We don’t live three-hundred years. We live slightly longer than regular people though, and we have the most awesome afterlife. Or, so I’ve been told.

So yeah, witches do lie. Especially if they don’t feel like getting out of bed on a Wednesday morning, on a rainy Paris day, and they call in sick. That’s a big, fat lie. But it’s not my fault that my job is boring. I want to be an actress. I want to be a writer. And not the kind of writer I am now.

Writing obituaries is so not being a writer.

And so cliché for a witch.

So, yeah, I’m doing this now. See where it leads me. Thank you for reading 🙂

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